EUROGAS is the energy association representing the European gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors. Founded in 1990, its members are 43 companies and associations from 22 countries. Professor Nikolaos Farantouriς has been Chair of EUROGAS’ Legal Affairs Committee.

European Commission

The European Commission is active in core policy areas such as Energy and Competition and is the starting point for the EU’s law-making process. Prof. N. Farantouris holds the EU Chair Jean Monnet on EU Law & Policies awarded by the EU with particular focus on EU law and regulation in the energy, competition and transport sectors.

University of Piraeus


The University of Piraeus, established in 1938, constitutes a highly innovative experience that has embodied European cooperation and integration in its main developmental objectives. Its strategy towards excellence has led to an active involvement in European research and educational programs and a commitment to strengthening its linkages with other International and European institutions.The Jean Monnet Chair on EU Law and Policies is affiliated with the University of Piraeus.

MSc in Energy

Between 2014 – 2017 Professor N. Farantouris organized and was appointed Director of the MSc Program in Energy Strategy, Law & Economics at the Dept. of International & European Studies, University of Piraeus, Greece – the first and the most popular interdisciplinary Master’s in Greece and one of the few postgraduate programs in Europe devoted to Energy strategy, law & economics.The MSc in Energy became one of the few interdisciplinary programs in Europe devoted to Energy strategy, law & economics designed to prepare the next generation of interdisciplinary professionals seeking to obtain strong academic skills in order to pursue careers in the energy industry, shipping, international organizations, national and international oil & gas companies, renewables, government and regulatory authorities, the media, policy making institutes and think tanks, consulting houses, law firms, the diplomatic corps, etc.

Euro-Meditterean University

Prof. N.E. Farantouris is a member of the General Assembly of EMUNI. EMUNI and the Jean Monnet Chair on EU Law & Policies co-operate in the projects that follow the six priorities of the Union for the Mediterranean, especially on the fields of developing Study Programmes at Post-graduate level; preparing Seminars and Master/PhD courses with ECST; organising conferences and other joint events; developing and implementing Joint Research Projects.

LNG Forum



Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) is an increasingly necessary energy source worldwide. It is expected that in the next decade 1/3 of natural gas consumption in Europe will be supplied by LNG. LNG Forum, founded by Prof. N. Farantouris under the aegis of the European Jean Monnet Chair on EU Energy Law & Policy, brings together academics and key industry specialists to discuss and analyse the legal, economic and geopolitical aspects of the LNG sector. The LNG Forum activities cover all areas pertaining to the latest and future developments in LNG on a local, EU and global level, with particular focus on South East Europe and Eastern Mediterranean:

  • Strategic and operational implications of LNG activity
  • EU Regulation and the legal regime for LNG
  • Geopolitics of the LNG development the South East Mediterranean (Greece, Cyprus & Israel)
  • LNG and Security of Supply
  • Infrastructure to increase LNG production, transport and import capabilities
  • LNG trading, risk management and global market developments
  • Shipping operations and legal implications
  • LNG logistics and optimising the LNG value chain
  • LNG as fuel
  • Floating LNG project
  • Liquifaction and regasification terminal projects
  • Location and market demands on marine LNG Terminals

ECSA Greece

ECSA’s primary objective is the study and research on EU law and integration, EU institutions and European governance. Prof. N. Farantouris has been General Secretary of ECSA Greece since 2012.

European Centre of Economic & Financial Law

The European Centre of Economic and Financial Law (ECEFIL) aims at promoting scientific discourse in the areas of economic and financial law among experts in international, European and comparative law.