Energy & Environmental Transformations in a Globalizing World

Energy & Environmental Transformations in a Globalizing World – An interdisciplinary dialogue, NB, Abu Dhabi / Athens 2015,  pages: 284
This volume is a joint collaboration between New York University Abu Dhabi, and the Master Program in Energy: Strategy, Law & Economics, University of Piraeus, Greece. It explores how the world’s growing energy needs and the deepening climate crisis compel scholars and policy makers to reconsider international partnerships, rethink laws and policies, re-examine institutional capabilities and search for ways to build resilience and adaptability. The purpose of this interdisciplinary dialogue is to shed light on transformations in the energy sector, institutional responses to energy security, the growing need for a diverse energy mix, city living in the Anthropocene, interdisciplinary cooperation, and the necessity for new global alliances that will provide the necessary leadership toward a low carbon future.