European Integration and Maritime Transport

Farantouris, N.E., European Integration and Maritime Transport, Bruylant, Brussels 2003 (Preface: Stephen Weatherill – A. Onassis Prize), pages: 462

This book is a study of the European integration process in the maritime transport sector. It investigates the role and status of maritime transport under the EU Treaty and considers whether and to what degree integration has transpired in this distinct economic sphere. With respect to these issues, the book focuses particular attention on internal market integration and the application of the bedrock principles of free movement and competition policy. These facets are traced in detail in this study, together with a full account of the basic structure of the law as it stands. The work has been prefaced by Stephen Weatherill, Professor of European Law, University of Oxford. It is furnished with analytical tables of cases. It was awarded the Onassis Prize for the best monograph in this field.